intBOX 20th Anniversary



Every one is born with a dream and where did the dream come from when I started from nothing? The urge to move up and build a career was always in my mind when I was a student.  No matter how many difficulties and challenges, the dream still does not give up.

The company was established, the dream was ignited and opened a truly new page full of challenges and obstacles. Nam Viet was born from small orders from customers who conquered day and night, Bao Long, Vang Da Lat, Bich Chi. Less capital but more creative concept. Big customers, strong competitors with cheaper prices gain market share.


From many difficulties: 2007 - 2009 economic crisis, extremely fierce competition from foreign packaging manufacturers, competitors competing in the domestic market, 2020 Covid appeared.

But intBOX still stands firm in its importance and goes even further.

2022 is a milestone of intBOX's by outstanding development when the revenue was increased doubles and the factory area was expanded from 3,500m2 to 7,000m2. intBOX has completed 6 production lines from offset printing to finished goods.

2023 we celebrate our 20th anniversary of intBOX's establishment and development and this is also the year of world economic crisis begins. Many challenges and difficulties are still happening, but the spirit of intBOX people is still confident in finding new lands to advance further in the future.






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